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 READ FIRST. Supporter/Donator Info And Some Perks.

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READ FIRST. Supporter/Donator Info And Some Perks. Empty
PostSubject: READ FIRST. Supporter/Donator Info And Some Perks.   READ FIRST. Supporter/Donator Info And Some Perks. I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 07, 2013 11:29 am

Hello Everyone, Here i will post info about what you get for being a Supporter or a Donator and also some terms about some of the items/perks.

READ FIRST: Remember only to Donate Or Start Supporter Status When Slapyurmomma is on so he can give you the items you are Supporting/Donating for. THE SERVER WONT GIVE ITEMS AUTOMATICALLY.

Note: All These Items Are Not Finalized, some items maybe added or removed to balance them. And more Bundles will be added at future dates.

So Far what i have thought of is if you choose to be a Supporter you have these Options available to you:

For $5/month you get:

Your Own Supporter Land:
This Will be a Mystcraft void Age that no one can get to except your self and anyone you summon or warp. It will start as a 61x61x6 Dirt area that you can expand to any size you want. There is 1 spawn portal that you are able to move or just carry the book around. There is also some hidden ores lying around. Also an Iron Fence for safety but you can remove it if you want. There is no Limit on how many people can live with you.

***If you want to stop being a Supporter, All you have to do is don't pay the next months $5. After Not Receiving the monthly $5 Supporter Payment you will have 30(thirty) Days From the missed due date to remove your items from the Supporter Land before the Land is DELETED. ***

READ FIRST. Supporter/Donator Info And Some Perks. 2013-010

To go along with the Supporter Land you will receive One(1) Of the Bundles listed below that you choose.

The Bundles are given to Donators that Donate $3 Or More,(if you Donate $6 you will get 2 bundles and $9 gets 3 and so on.) you can choose the same one or different ones.

The Bundles are: [More To Be Added When Thought Of]

BC Power: 3 solar Panels, 2 LV Panels, 1 MV Panel, 1 HV Panel, 64 Glass Fibre Cable, 10 Redstone, 5 Stirling, 3 Combustion Engines, 1 MFSU, 1 MFE, 1 HV MV LV Transformers.

RP Power: 32 Solar Panels, 2 Voltage Transformers, 5 Bat Boxes, 5 Thermopiles, 1 Kinetic Generator, 2 blulectric engines, 64 blue alloy wire, 32 10kv wire, 16 1MV wire.

ForceField: 1 Capacitor, 1 Defense Station, 1 Extractor, 1 Security Storage, 1 Projector, 1 Security Station, and 1 Mffs Converter along with 64 forcicium to get you started.

Thaumcraft: 1 Cauldron, 32 Air Shards, 32 Earth Shards, 32 Water Shards, 32 Fire Shards, 32 Vis Shards, 32 Dull Shards, 32 Thaumium, 1 Goggles Of Revealing, 1 Wand Of Equal Trade, 16 Silverwood Saplings, 1 Wand Of The Apprentice, And 1 Wand Of The Adept.

More Bundles will be added at a later date.

**** NOTICE: All Payments Are In USD (United States Dollar). Please Remember that players can set homes so if you warp someone to your land make sure you can trust them 100% or they might return when your offline and grief you, Unless you have proof (Screen Shot) of someone griefing you its not the server's or Staff's responsibility for your loss because it is the supporter who brought them there first. All bundle Items once they have been given to the Donator/Supporter are the Donators/Supporters responsibility, Remember to Build Really Far Away as to Not be Griefed and lose your items. The Only item that can be resupplied is a Supporters World Book if lost.****

Have a suggestion for a Bundle? Post here with what you would like to see as a bundle.
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READ FIRST. Supporter/Donator Info And Some Perks.
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